Private Data Protection and
Compliance Platform

Databin helps you completely meet and continuously manage all requirements of various local and international privacy protection laws such as GDPR, CCPA and KVKK (Turkish GDPR) in a single package.

Privacy Compliance and Data Security Modules

Data Mapping Automation

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting of Data Access and Sharing

Sensitive and Personal Data Discovery

Consumer Requests

Cookie Consent

Policies and Noticies

Did you know that the total amount of GDPR fines for European companies exceed 1.3 Billion Euros so far?



Up to 10 times faster on data processing and search performance.

Compatible with Many Systems

Connect any system easily.

Personalized Dashboards and Analytics

Custom, comprehensive, intricate and live answers to your questions, customized for you

Easy Compliance to Various Laws and Regulations Around the World

Meet the requirements of GDPR, CCPA, UK Data Protection Act, ISO 27001, KVKK, 5651 SK and many others.

Quick Deployment

Connect any system in 30 seconds.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Early Warning System

Get notifications quickly when it is urgent.

Smaller Costs > Bigger Data

Stores up to 20 times more data, so we can create a better / more complete picture

Smart Timestamping / Real-Time Timestamping and Encryption
With our unique technology be sure that your datas are safe and we keep all events happening in your company.


Did you know, you have 30 days to prepare a report of the processed personal and supplemental data when a user or an employee requests, to comply with GDPR?

Data Source Examples

Databin is supported by Microsoft, ING Bank, Startup Wise Guys, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), Middle East Technical University (METU / ODTÜ) and Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ).

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